B1/B2 旅游签证邀请信范本

信小信邀请她的好友 Claire 来美国旅游,我给她准备了邀请函。Claire 是年轻漂亮的单身姑娘(著名的F姐),当年和小信是同事。Claire 在北京领事馆面签,顺利一次过关。如果你需要邀请国内亲友以 B1/B2 签证过来玩,可参考如下信件。

Invitation Letter

To Whom This May Concern,

My name is xxx, aka “Sabrina.” I’m writing to invite Ms. xxx (aka “Claire”), one of my best friends in China, to visit me from September xx to October xx, 2016.

I moved to the U.S. in xxx. Prior to that I was a xxx Manager with Oracle China from xxx to xxx, where Claire and I were co-workers and became close friends.

I haven’t seen Claire for xxx years and I miss her dearly. When I learnt a few months ago that she’s planning to take a break from work, I convinced her to visit me and spend a few days here.

Ms. xxx is currently an xxx with Oracle China, making RMBxxx annually, which I think is decent for her age. I was told that she has around RMBxxx (approx. USDxxx) in her savings account, which is more than enough to cover her travel expenses, especially since my husband and I have agreed that she can stay with us and does not need to pay for it. My husband and I own a xxx property in Falls Church, Virginia and we will spare a bedroom for her.

Claire’s parents both live in China and, as far as I know, she does not have other relatives or friends in the US. She already ordered round trip tickets, which will take her back to China on October xx, 2016.

I don’t work right now and plan to spend most of my time with Claire while she’s here. I may take her out and explore around DC, Virginia and Maryland.

Following documents shall be presented during the interview upon requests:

  1. An employment status letter for Ms. xxx from Oracle China.
  2. Her most recent bank statements.
  3. Itinerary of her round trip flights.

My contact info: Cell / Email / Address xxx.

Please assist Ms. xxx in issuing her visa. I hope you’re having a wonderful day in Beijing.

xxx aka. Sabrina
July 3, 2016

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  1. 我是绿卡身份,可以邀请我的父母来美国旅游吗?谢谢

    Wendy2017-03-17 # 回复
    • 可以。

      Derek Yang2017-03-18 # 回复
  2. 你好,请问邀请信中的时间(9月到10月)写得长一点或者短一点会影响签证通过率吗?然后是不是海关那边对第一次来美国的B签证都会给半年停留期呢?也就是海关不会根据你写的9月到10月因此就给你一个月的停留期?另外探亲这种填写160表是选择B1还是B2啊?谢谢。

    liuhanyuchen2017-01-30 # 回复
    • 签证通过率完全看签证官心情啊,我认识的人B签证来美国都给了半年,新总统登基后不好说,探亲旅游都是B2.

      Fan Zhao2017-01-30 # 回复
      • 是不是邀请时间只要是小于6个月就随便写?可以这么理解吗?然后大使馆签证以及海关给的停留期跟你怎么写没有关系(不会听你指挥哈)?然后实际停留<停留期就ok?

        liuhanyuchen2017-01-30 # 回复
        • 也不是随便写,要合理的写,你第一次就写邀请亲人来玩6个月,签证官可能会以为你干嘛玩这么久有啥好玩是不是不想回去了?其实即使你写来玩3个月,海关也是很大可能会给你6个月停留的。这样理解吧,大使馆给的签证是你可以进入美国的凭证,然而最终能不能进,停留多久,由海关决定。你可以停留到海关给的期限最后一天,不超过就行。

          Fan Zhao2017-01-30 #